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Keeping the dust mites away

Written by Neat Nanny


Posted on June 20 2014

Allergic rhinitis has been in our family for as long as I can remember. My sister and I would go through boxes of tissue paper trying to relieve our stuffy noses. As with most cases, our main trigger was dust mites.  Once we took away the carpets, stuff toys, and all other major dust collectors, we got better.

Now, my kids have allergic rhinitis. Our pediatrician says the best way to prevent allergies is to get rid of stuff toys all together. But, I cannot bare to take away my kid’s favorite stuff animal. Our pediatrician’s solution? Take away the dust mites!

Do these steps once every quarter to minimize dust mites in stuff toys.

Step 1          If toys have batteries inside, wipe off stuff toys with an all-natural toy cleaner. If they are purely fabric and cotton, opt to hand wash them completely with your kid’s laundry detergent.


Step 2              Air dry. Make sure to do this at noon when the sun is really hot so the toys dry up quickly.


Step 3              Place toys in an airtight bag.


Step 4              Leave in the freezer overnight (about 12 hours).


All done!

Please note that our pediatrician offered this solution to us as a way to minimize the dust mites. Its worked well for our kids’ allergies and I hope it will help your kids as well.



Neat Nanny